Hindu Baby Boy Names

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Sanatan Dharma also called the Hindu religion or Vedic religion is one of the oldest religions of the earth. The oldest language of the Hindu religion is Sanskrit. Modern Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Nepali, etc. have arisen from this. The names of all these languages ​​are very meaningful, lovely and attractive. So there is a different kind of latest, short, unique, modern and popular name list with means. Which you can choose according to your choice.

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Latest Hindu baby boy names with meaning:

AadarshIdeal, One who has principles
Aarava sanskrit word hindu baby name; knowledge, and good judgment, the quality of being wise
AayuLife span, a modern hindu baby name
AbhimanyuSon of Arjun and Subhadra
Abhiniveshthe action or power of focusing one's attention or mental effort, concentration
AdamyaIrrepressible, That which can not be suppressed
Ahilprince, the son of a monarch
Alexa modern hindu baby name; protect, defend, keep safe from harm or injury
Anadiimmortal, undying, undeclinable
Ananta classical hindu baby name; endless, limitless, impossible to measure or calculate
ananya:'Xtraordinay', Unique.
Arihana unique hindu baby name, 'destroyer of enemies', a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something
Ayaannature, power, god.
BalaadityaAbility to lead. Young son.
BhuvanPalace, one of the three worlds.
BibhavasuA Sanskrit Hindu Baby Names it means "Sun or Fire"
BrahmabratA sanskrit hindu baby name
ChaitanyaA Sanskrit word, Chaitanya, means 'consciousness' or 'spirit' or 'intelligence' or 'sensation' or 'Life, Knowledge, Sage'.
Chetanall of creation, animate and inanimate; bring to life.
DayaanA strong king.
Deepanshubright with sunlight 'sun'.
DevansPart of god.
DivakarDay builder 'sun'.
divyantaof, from, or like God or a god.
ekaanshnot qualified or diminished in any way; total.
ekaanga unique person or thing.
EkalavyaEkalavya means self learned person, and is a character from the epic The Mahābhārata.
EkanjeetGod's victory.
Ehanregarded as likely; anticipated.
GandharvaCelestial musicians.
GangesLord Shiva.
GaoushikA Rare Name of Buddha.
GirindraSpeaker of the speech.
GirivarLord Krishna.
GoswamiCows master.
GulshanFlower garden.
GurvinderGurvinder is a Hindu baby boy name. Its meaning is "Guru".
HarikeshHarikesh is a Hindu baby boy classic name; "Lord Krishna".
HarshitGreat pleasure; "Joyful".
HarshavardhanaThe creator of fun.
Haegelfeeling or showing pleasure or contentment.; "Happy".
Hardeepdivine light; "Light of god".
HarishLord shiva.
HatisaWith no desire.
HimanshuCool ray.
HarshuHarshu is a Modern Hindu baby boy name.
HemanyaHemanya is a Modern baby name; it means "Golden Body".
IshuAngel, beautiful.
IshwaSpiritual teacher.
IshankPeak of the Himalaya, Lord Shiva and Gauri (Goddess Parvati) .
IddhamRise, splendid, Sunshine.
JyanshuName of Lord Hanuman.
JohnnyThe version of John or Jonathan Biblical name has been liberal: the side has shown.
JograjLord Krishna, Lord of Sannyasis.
JiyanshFull of Knowledge; Long Life.
JituAlways winner.
JithendraThe Lord of the victors can win an Indra.
JishanthHaving the highest emotions.
JigyanshFull of curiosity, eager to know something.
Kushyanthit means 'Happy'.
KushanDynasty, the name of a king, rule of parts of the Kushan dynasty.
KunalLotus, a bird, son of Emperor Ashoka.
KulbhushanFamily jewelery.
KuldipOne enlightened family, whole family area, family lamp.
KshitijPoint where the sky and the sea meet, the earth's son, tree, skyline, auspicious.
KrishanshA modern hindu baby name.
KriyanshLord Krishna.
KrishmaShort form of Lord Krishna.
KrishavLord Krishna and Lord Shiva.
KoushikLove and affection, another name for Indra and Shiva, is the feeling of hidden treasures, with the knowledge of love.
KiyanshA Modern Hindu Baby Name.
KeshavLord Krishna, Lord Venkateswara, Lord Vishnu, Long Haired, Kesari Demon's Slayer's Name.
Lankeshit means Ravana.
LakshAim; Target; Goal; Sign.
LokeshKing of world.
Luckygood luck.
ManajitOne who has won the mind.
ManishLord of the mind.
Manuit means wise.
Murliit means flute.
MukundLord Vishnu, Freedom Giver, Gems, Liberater Name.
MrutyunjayWhich means an immortal.
NripeshKing of kings.
NityanshA unique hindu baby name.
NitinMaster of law, master of the right path, theory, judge.
NiteshGod of law, a well-versed in law, the right way follower, master of the right path.
Nisyanthanit means evening.
NishyGetting stronger, Invigorating, Evening.
Nishwanthit means great.
NishanthMoon, don, peace, pleasant morning, morning, night end.
Nishakantit means Night's (moon).
Nisargit means nature.
NirvedGifts from God.
NirupamIncomparable, fearless, unique, without comparison.
Nirupit means god.
Nirmayit means Without fault.
NirajLotus flower, pure, free of attachment.
NileshLord Krishna.
Nikshit means 'to kiss'.
NikhilWhole, absolutely perfect, complete.
Nihantit means 'never end'.
Nakeshit means 'moon'.
OvinA unique hindu baby boy name.
OnkarThe first phrase in Omkar mul mantra is only one God, 2 is found in Gurmukhi script 3 and there is also a part of Sikh morning prayer, Japji Sahib..
OmswaroopManifestation of divinity.
OmprakashOm Prakash, Lord Shiva's name.
OmkareshwarLord Shiva, Lord of Om.
OmkaraWhich is the form of Om, the holy syllable, the voice of one.
OmaanshHoly symbol of ohum.
OmHoly sermon.
OjjaswinBody strength.
ObaleshLord Shiva, the title of Lord Shiva of Linga.
PushyanthA classic hindu baby name.
PushpeshLord of flowers.
Pushpendrait means a flower.
PushpakLegendary vehicles of Lord Vishnu.
PuruAbundant, the name of a king, the mountain, heaven.
PurshottamLord Vishnu, the best among the people.
Puneeta popular hindu baby name.
PulkitBe happy, thrilled, cool.
ProsenjitKing of epic.
PrnavLord Vishnu, the sacred syllable Ohm, the type of musical instrument, the son of Vishnu, nighna, the grandson of ananutra and brother of shatrajit is very much an adjective of fresh or youth, the title of Shiva.
PriyanshuSunlight first.
Princeit means king.
PribhaktaA name of Lord Shiva, a devotee's favorite.
PrianshDear, sweetest, favorite son.
Premit means love.
Pritamit means lovely.
Sangam of Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Devihiii.
PravinExpert, skilled.
PratikSymbol, the first word in a sentence.
PrathishHope, hope, pre-eminence.
PrashantCalm and well-organized peace.
PranabLord Vishnu, the sacred syllable Ohm, the type of musical instrument, the son of Vishnu, nighna, the grandson of ananutra and brother of shatrajit is very much an adjective of fresh or youth, the title of Shiva.
PrakshalFrom Jain literature - Abhishek of Abhijat ji.
Prakhara unique hindu baby name.
ReetIs the one who wants the right direction, respected, acclaimed, beloved, friend.
RutvegCan travel all the climatic conditions.
RupendraGod of the form.
RunalCompanionate person, type.
RudraHorror, Lord Shiva, the terrible, Lord of the storm, the name of roaring and lightning.
RudhirA popular hindu baby name.
RupeshGod, the God of Hindu, looks like the God of beauty.
RohitRed, sun, ornament, rainbow, blood.
RohanHeaven, ascendant, one blossom, another name for Vishnu, the best Indian steel, a river in the rising.
RiyanshSunlight first, Lord part.
RivaanHorse Rider, A Star, Ambitious and Self-dependent.
RiteshLord of the Gods, God of Truth.
RishavEthics, Superior, Excellent, A Music Note, Bull.
RishaankDevotee of Lord Shiva.
RishaanLord Shiva, good man, strong, good.
RihanGods chosen, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies.
RajuA popular hindu baby name; prosperity.
RajeshGod of kings.
RahulBuddha's son, the victor of all kinds of suffering, capable, skilled (sons of Lord Buddha).
RaghavLord Ram, descendants of Raghu, a tribe of Ramchandra.
SyumA ray.
SyamantakA jewel of Lord Vishnu.
SwastikA popular hindu baby name.
SwaranshHalf of the sound in the music, quarter.
SutirthLord Shiva, a good road, a holy place near water, a distinguished person or a good teacher.
SunilDark blue, sapphire, blue stone.
SohelMoon glow, moonlight, beautiful.
TrayakshName of Lord Shiva.
TikeshA popular hindu baby name.
UtkarshProsperity or Awakening or High Quality, Advancement to Increase.
UrjitCan be great, powerful, beautiful, noble, great.
UdayTo rise, Blue Kamal.
UbhayA popular hindu baby name.
VyushttClear, felt, don.
VyushPrabhat, Dawn.
VyomanVyoman means Sky.
VyansBroad shoulders, with wide shoulders.
VyanAir is roaming in the body, giving life.
VrijeshLord of the land of brass.
VrateshLord Shiva, Lord Shiva's name for holy austerity.
VrandanGoddess Radha's name.
ViyanArtist, special knowledge.
VivekJudgment, discernment, knowledge, reason, discretion.
VivaanLord Krishna, full of life, the rays of the morning sun.
VitastaRiver Jhelam in Sanskrit.
ViteshLord Kuber, God of wealth.
ViswajeethWorld's winner.
VishalLarge, spacious, great, enough, important, powerful, famous.
ViroopakshLord Shiva, Virupa means any form, and eyes means means, without eyes it means the eyes.
ViratLarge scale, very large, huge proportionate, majestic.
VirajAnother name for the greatest, the Sun or the King, Bright, Splendor, Ruler, Beauty, Brilliant.
VikrantPowerful, warrior, brave, victorious.
VigneshwaraGod of all obstacles.
WedantThe Vedic method of scriptures, self-realization, Vedas, theology, the ultimate truth, the Hindu philosophy or Knower of the Ultimate Knowledge, the King of all.
YuyutsuEager to fight, one of the Kurus survived the war.
YuvrajPrince, successor, youth.
YuvarajPrince, successor, youth.
YuvanshYoung Generation.
YuvanYouth, Lord Shiva, Youth, Healthy, Moon.
YuvaanYouth, Lord Shiva, Youth, Healthy, Moon.
YugeshKings of all ages.
YuganshPart of the universe.
YudhisthirSenior Pandavas brothers, firm in battle.
Yonendraits a popular name.
YogisaiDevotee, supreme master.
YogarajHealthy and cute lucky person.
Yatvikits a unique name.
YatindraMonks, Indra.
YatheeshDedicated, God's Leader of the devotees.
YaswanthLord Krishna, a person who becomes fame and glory available.
YashwardhanFamous with its goodwill spread around.
YashveerBrilliant and brave.
YashashreeSuccess, victory or glory or names of fame or success, Supplanter.
YashVictory, glory, success, famous person, prestige.

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